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  • Improving Farmers’ Access to Agricultural Insurance in India

  • Big data approaches to crop insurance in Asia

  • When and How Should Agricultural Insurance Be Subsidized? : Issues and Good Practices

  • Government Support to Agricultural Insurance : Challenges and Options for Developing Countries

  • Agricultural Insurance in Bangladesh : Promoting Access to Small and Marginal Farmers

  • Bangladesh : Agriculture Insurance Situation Analysis

  • Crop Insurance in US 

Agricultural Crop Insurance

  • The Emerging Global Landscape of Mobile Microinsurance

  • Microinsurance ; What Can Donors Do

  • Microinsurance ; Risk Protection for 4 Billion People

  • Microinsurance ; Striving to Provide Valuable Insurance Coverage to Billions of Emerging Consumers Globally

  • Microinsurance in Bangladesh; Risk Protection for the Poor

  • Can micro health insurance reduce poverty Evidence from Bangladesh

  • Microinsurance ; A Case Study of the Indian Rainfall Index Insurance Market

  • Microinsurance in India ; A Powerful Tool to Empower Poor

  • Micro Insurance Academy ; Improving Health Insurance Coverage in India

  • Micro insurance in India ; Trends and Strategies for Further Extension

Micro Insurance

  • Development finance, blended finance and insurance

  • Economic and insurance market growth; win-win

  • Insurance: adding value to development in emerging markets


  • Life insurance; focusing on the consumer

  • Evaluating the Effects of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Service Value on Behavioral Intentions with Life Insurance Customers in India

  • Determinants of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Vietnamese Life-Insurance Setting

  • Insurance Market Report, Non-Life(P&C) ; Indonesia 

  • Insurance Market Report, Non-Life(P&C) ; Laos

  • Insurance Market Report, Non-Life(P&C) ; Myanmar 

  • Insurance Market Report, Non-Life(P&C) ; Vietnam

  • Insurance Market Report, Life & Benefits ; Indonesia 

  • Insurance Market Report, Life & Benefits ; Laos

  • Insurance Market Report, Life & Benefits ; Myanmar

  • Insurance Market Report, Life & Benefits ; Vietnam


  • Expanding Retirement Savings to Informal Sector Workers ; A Literature Review

  • Evaluating Indonesian Pension System After Reformation

SKKU Visiting Researcher Research Papers

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